Design is our passion and every project present us with a marvellous opportunity to create something unique. We work in close collaborations with the clients, listen carefully to their requirements and learn their style to produce a custom proposal representing them.

From inception we compose proportional 3d sketches, capturing style and functionality to communicate effectively our vision. With the clients' input we proceed in detailing our concept, designers and engineers together, modelling for ergonomics, stability and manoeuvrability (CFD), ensuring that our vessels are as stylish as safe and efficient as possible.

The next stage is fully supported by enthusiastic engineers and naval architects that prepare all necessary calculations and drawings required for the project. Classification and production drawings are generated in conformity to International Regulations and in consideration of the manufacturer. We always welcome the manufacturers' feedback in the design phase to deliver drawings to their working practices.

Visualisation - 3d Renderings & Animation

As detail is our strong point, inscribed in our models, we have a wonderful capacity preparing realistic, elegant illustrations, to further boost comprehension and clarify expectations for the product. The end client is rarely an engineer, but definitely has a style and opinion of the designed object, therefore a visualization is the common language between user and manufacturer.

Moreover in a market era where effective and honest marketing is the one differentiation factor that can promote sales of a yacht, a ferry or any other structure, it is vital for any business to invest in their imagery to attract more clients.


Owner's Representative

The transformation of a yacht from a lifeless contractual specification document to a beauty sailing in the sea for the first time captivates anyone who has been fortunate to live through this process. It is demanding at times, it necessitates encouraging various parties with short term conflicting interest to compromise and demands careful, consistent surveys to ensure that agreement and rules are adhered to. But when one loves the ship as we do, it is a wonderful ride, where we align our expertise with the experienced workforce involved in her construction, to deliver a bespoke ship to her owner.

We collaborate closely to the owner and shipyard, transferring his/ her wishes, make them realities and at the same time monitoring progress and reporting status.


Our founder was practically born in the field. She comes from a family supporting the yachting sector in Glyfada since the seventies and she grew in an environment of yachtsmen and manufacturers.

She has completed her studies in Naval architecture in Athens and London and is awarded the Chartered Engineering Status from the UK Engineering Council. She focused her professional development on working for the design and build of crafts as small as 7m meters in composite materials and as yachts as big as 142m in steel and aluminium. She has managed many complete design projects and supervised other new builds to the satisfaction of the owners.

She has compiled a team of designers and engineers to present a fresh, flexible option to the yacht and ferries industry, which combines stylish and technical sound products. Together they work in unison to create custom fit designs and services matching the expectations of their clientele.

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